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Indoor LED Light

    1. LED Spotlight
      Our LED spotlight is another type of LED light bulb products that provides directional lights to meet client's requirements. The product has much more flexibility in random rotational movements and target setting capability. The product has thin mirror layer that effectively directs lights into desired directions. The light produced by LED spotlight is extremely ...
    1. LED Bulb
      A LED bulb is energy saving LED light bulb and adopts LED as light power source. LED bulbs include multi color led light bulb,led RGB bulb,LED air vitamin purifier bulb and so on. According to power, LED bulbs can be classified into high power LED light and low-power LED light ...
    1. LED PL Light
      A LED PL lamp is a high efficient and low consumption green light fixture. The product brand comes in variety of power consumption ability that includes 11w PL compact lamp, 7w PL energy efficiency lamp, LED PL lamp 5w, LED PL lamp 6w , LED PL lamp 4w, etc. 1. Under the same illumination condition, LED PL lamps can conserve 70~80% power compared with incandescent lamps. The ...
    1. LED Tube Light
      Our LED tube lighting encloses LEDs into a tube to replace traditional T8/T10 fluorescent tubes. It is highly efficient, environment-safe, green, and has long duration. Our outstanding thermal management design makes the light system more reliable, long lifespan and environment friendly. This LED daylight tube is an ideal fluorescent replacement for your light ...
    1. LED Par Light
      LED PAR Lights are useful for situations where you would like to provide lighting to a certain direction. Generally the lens angle is smaller and this allows the light to be concentrated into a specific target. Our LED par light is a special kind of environmental green light bulb and uses LED as light source and provides directional light. The use of it is friendly and safe ...
    1. LED Downlight
      LED Downlight is a indoor lighting appliances installed at the ceiling and its also called LED ceiling light. We produce varieties of LED Downlights such as kits, LED downlight dimmable and much more like manner. As we use LED as the source of light, our lamps are of high luminous effectiveness, low power consumption and have a long life-span. And they are safe and ...
    1. 60W Corn LED Light bulb
      Beam Angle: 360 degree
      The corn LED light bulb is major to replace the CFL with E27/E40 screwed lamp socket directly.
      80% more energy saving compared with conventional street light, CFL, incandescent light...
    1. 30*30CM LED Panel Light bulb
      The LED panel light is applicable for workshop, office, bank, hospital, shopping centre, subway, school, and other indoor places where require high luminosity and energy-saving lighting ...

Indoor LED Light

Boocca Shanghai Industry Company is a professional indoor LED lights manufacturer in China. There are various kinds of indoor LED lights such as led spotlight, led bulbs, led light tubes and so on. In addition to indoor LED lights, we also produce outdoor LED lights, which include led street lights, solar street lights, led floodlight and many more LED products.

The main functions of Indoor LED Lights are extensively applicable for directional lights, display, decoration, backlight, general lighting and other special effects and lightings.

Special Features of Indoor LED Light
1.Indoor LED lamps adopt low voltage power supply and are suitable for indoor and public places.
2.LED's photo- converted ratio is almost 100% efficiency under the same luminous. LED lamp can save energy up to 70-80% in contrary to Incandescent lamp.
3.Indoor led lights contain no harmful content such as mercury, lead and other hazardous chemical and/or minerals. Thus, they are environmental friendly and effectively recycled.
4.LED lamps have a long life-span and small volume.

Through our efforts, our company has been ISO9001:2008 approved and most of our products have been CE and RoHS certified. Our products are of high quality and are at reasonable prices and have attracted many clients/customers locally and internationally.

For further inquiries and purchase, please contact us at Boocca Shanghai Industry Company!

LED Lighting Fixtures
    1. LED Street Light
      LED Street Light is successfully developed by LED technology. The LED technology as greatly being applied to produce street light and other LED products in most countries and is recommended by lighting appliances code of practice. This technology has been extremely appreciated because of its tremendous results in the product's durability and ...
    1. Solar LED Streetlight
      Solar/wind hybrid LED streetlight has successfully been set to store solar or wind energy source, and uses the stored energy to provide light at night, which is much more economical. The whole lighting system and the operation are absolutely maintenance-free and there are no daily running costs, thus it's self-reliable in its ...