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LED Tube Light

    1. T8 LED Tube Light
      The T8 LED tube light uses new 3014 SMD chip with a high lumen.
      High efficiency and energy-saving compared to conventional
      Fluorescent-equally bright, consumes 70~80% less energy ...
    1. T5 LED Tube Light
      The T5 LED tube light is energy saving, saving 50% more than the traditional lights at the same brightness.
      Inner high efficiency (95%), heat protection system and constant currency driver make the T5 LED tube light able to work under unstable voltage ...

Our LED tube lighting encloses LEDs into a tube to replace traditional T8/T10 fluorescent tubes. It is highly efficient, environment-safe, green, and has long duration.

Our outstanding thermal management design makes the light system more reliable, long lifespan and environment friendly. This LED daylight tube is an ideal fluorescent replacement for your light system

High efficiency and energy-saving compared to conventional
Brightness capacity equal to traditional Fluorescent tubes and consumes 70~80% less energy
No RF Interference
85-265V wide input voltage
Instant Soft-start: Available immediately and frequently
No flickering (continuous glow)
Certifications: CE (LVD and EMC) and ROHS approvals, etc.

We are ISO9001 certified, leading LED light tube manufacturer in China. Our major products are LED light bulbs, LED light strip, LED high bay light and other LED products. They all have reliable quality.

The company is situated right in the heart of Shanghai, the largest port city in China, which makes transportation to our clients very convenient either by sea, air and land.

For further inquiries and purchase, please contact us at Boocca Shanghai Industry Company!

LED Lighting Fixtures
    1. LED Par Light
      LED PAR Lights are useful for situations where you would like to provide lighting to a certain direction. Generally the lens angle is smaller and this allows the light to be concentrated into a specific target. Our LED par light is a special kind ...