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LED PL Light

    1. 120° Beam Angle LED PL Light
      We are specialized in producing high power LED tunnel light, a kind of new energy-saving lamp that uses high power led as source of light. The product can be directly connected with a 100-240VAC power supply and also be powered with ...
    1. 360° Beam Angle LED PL Light
      Power :5W/7W/9W/11W/13W
      LED tunnel lights have large luminous efficiency under low power and can be applied in solar energy and solar energy power supply system.
      We apply intelligent control system to our lights making it incredibly more simple and convenient to use ...

LED PL Light

A LED PL lamp is a high efficient and low consumption green light fixture. The product brand comes in variety of power consumption ability that includes 11w PL compact lamp, 7w PL energy efficiency lamp, LED PL lamp 5w, LED PL lamp 6w , LED PL lamp 4w, etc.

1. Under the same illumination condition, LED PL lamps can conserve 70~80% power compared with incandescent lamps. The product has accurately equal brightness capacity to that of fluorescent tube. Thus, our low voltage lamps are purchased by clients as an ideal substitute for traditional fluorescent lamps.
2. Our lamps have reliable quality and long lasting.
3. They have 85-265V wide input voltage, and can produce instant soft-star, available immediately and frequently.
4. There is no RF Interference or no flicking.
5. LED PL lamps are all CE (LVD and EMC) and ROHS certified.

1. LED PL lamps are widely used in high-class stores, shopping malls, hotels and entertainment places.
2. Our LED lamps play an important role in saloon, beauty parlor, coffee house, photography facilities, meeting room and living room lighting.
3. They are popular in commercial theater, museum, multi-function hall, exhibition, fashionable dress art and architectural lighting.

Our company is a leading LED PL lamp manufacturer and supplier in China and across Asia. We also produce LED spotlight, LED bulb, solar LED street light, LED tunnel light, etc.

Thank you for the visit and for purchasing please contact us at Boocca Shanghai Industry Company.

LED Lighting Fixtures
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