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We are a leading LED lights manufacturer in China and across Asia. We are specialized in manufacturing low power LED lights, LED spotlight, LED dimmable lamps, LED street lights, LED tunnel lights, etc. Lots of measures are carried out regularly to improve our working efficiency and quality of the products. For example, we set up professional developing centers to design New products, and we also build more manufacturing facilities to increase our production capacity. Additionally, we produce our LED lights strictly in accordance with international quality management systems.
We introduce advanced LED test instruments which include automatic photometry machine, photoelectric parameter multi-test systems, aging test instruments, and other advanced today's testing instruments.
As our focus is on quality, our company has been ISO9001 approved and most of our products have been CE, EMS, LVD and POHS certified.
Unlike other companies, we are able to offer high quality products at best price to our valued customers. We have existing trading partners with many countries such as America, Canada, Australia, British, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Lithuania, Holland, Switzerland, Chile, etc.
Boocca Shanghai Industry Company exists to welcome product inquiries and purchase arrangements of your interest as service is the name of our company.
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